I'm Camie, a writer, editor, and instructor based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I graduated with a doctoral degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Utah. Before that, I worked as an editor, tutor, communications specialist, and administrative assistant.


My first rule for myself is borrowed from Ellen Meloy's rules for living in the desert. Stay curious. My explorations in fiction and nonfiction have taken me from medical narratives to scientific research, from historical dress to art history, from psychology to neurology. As an instructor and designer of instructional materials, I prize material that is precise and concrete. My first task is to distill complex topics into easily understood, actionable content. Storytelling is at the heart of my teaching practice: I see narrative as a way of understanding the world. 


As a writer and teacher, my work goes beyond the page. I've created online branching narratives, podcasts, image texts, and video presentations. I teach in a variety of modalities, from online to instructor-led, in populations that range from adult learners to first-generation college students.


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